The world needs your best self.


Self-care is key. I’m here to help you make it a priority.

Love SumĀ empowers individuals to make positive shifts in their self-care practice, cultivates a community of support, and creates opportunities to feel fulfilled, recharged and inspired.

Love Sum creates and curates uplifting content to inspire you to choose to add more love to your life.

Love Sum expressive art-based workshops are intended to provide an opportunity for reflection, creativity and meaningful discussion in a community setting. It is the intention that participants will leave feeling fulfilled, recharged and inspired.

These challenges are designed to encourage you to make positive shifts in your life so that approach the everyday from a fresh and inspired perspective.

My story:

I was a great teacher. Someone who went above and beyond to be creative and innovative. I made it my mission to connect with my students and make sure they felt important and valued in our classroom community. The needs of my students always came first. I was a great teacher until I reached burnout and could no longer serve my students from a place of abundance and love. My efforts became forced and tense and no longer benefited me or my students. I had reached my limit and had to walk away for my own health and wellbeing.

Continued here.