MORE ART. My relationship with art has changed significantly over the last few years. I used to make art with the goal of making something “pretty;” I wanted to create pieces that were of practical value or at least worthy of a spot on my wall. My relationship with art has shifted. Now making art represents a place where I find comfort, peace, respite, and a space to process and sit with feelings. Every time I create is not a mind-blowing experience. Sometimes I use a doodle to slow racing thoughts. Sometimes I journal for a while and then cover the page with paint to let my thoughts go and turn into something else. Sometimes I play with watercolors, watching the colors move and blend and bleed into one another, to feel more present. I am slowly learning that art is so much more than creating something “pretty.” Art making is an opportunity to ask yourself, “What do I need in this moment?” and then to use art to answer that call.

I created this tee as a statement piece. I normally make items with fancy lettering or some clever phrase, but for this I wanted it to be simple, because it really is.

MORE ART. In our lives, in our schools, in our communities.

This statement tee is available here.