My intention for this upcoming year is to be grounded in my “why.”

I had a pivotal moment last year. I was preparing for a workshop and was unnecessarily anxious, too caught up in details, and, consequently, when I was talking to someone in my life about this he pointed out that I didn’t seem very excited. This was eye-opening for me. Why wouldn’t I be excited about this? Isn’t this what I wanted? Isn’t this what I believe in? How aren’t these feelings coming through?

The next thing I did was take a quiet moment and wrote to myself. I wrote down a question or thought, paused, and then wrote a response. Then, I repeated the process. After a while of writing, it all became a bit more clear. I was too wrapped up in the “what” – who was showing up, what we’d be doing, if enough people would come, if I’m qualified enough – good enough, energetic enough, wise enough – to be doing this work. I realized that most of my anxiety was tied up in my ego and insecurities. But, when I broke it down and reminded myself of why I was doing this work, the anxieties were lifted and the excitement and joy started to take its place.

This is what I believe:

  • I believe that people have the power to make positive choices in their lives.
  • I believe that we can choose to add love to our daily lives.
  • I believe that adding more love to our lives makes ourselves, our communities and our world better.

My “why” is to share this message, to empower people to make loving choices, and to create opportunities for individuals to add more love to their lives.

Now before each event I lead, I journal about the following to get realigned and energized:

  • Who am I serving?
  • What do I want them to feel when they leave?
  • What can I do to create an environment in which that can happen?

It has been a beautiful shift in perspective to realize that I was not showing up the way I thought I was. It was uncomfortable to have this brought to my attention, but so important and necessary in order for me to take a moment to reflect. I encourage you to do the same. What is your “why” behind the things that you do? Are your thoughts and behaviors reflecting this? How can you keep this at the top of your mind?

With love,