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What is the 30 Acts of Love Challenge?

This is a challenge hosted by Love Sum to complete 30 Acts of Love in a month!

When does the challenge begin?

This is an ongoing challenge that you are welcome to do whenever you’d like!

How does it work?

Once you sign up here, you will receive a link to download the free 30 Acts of Love template, the Acts of Love idea list organized by category, and instructions to get started.

Why is it important?

The world needs more love and we need you to do what you can to make it happen. Doing the 30 Acts of Love challenge will encourage you to complete 30 Acts of Love in a month with the support of free resources to make it easy and a community of people to cheer you on, give you ideas and amplify the love.

What will I get out of it?

Doing this challenge will help you become more mindful of the areas in your life where you can add more love. Positive thinking will lead to happier days, so more joy and fulfillment is also a goal of this challenge. Sharing the acts of love you are performing might also help inspire others to do the same. We can never have enough love in the world. Do your part to spread the love!

How can I share my progress?

The more you share, the more the love gets amplified and has the potential to reach more people. Please share your progress, new ideas you have, and anything else related to the challenge within the 30 Acts of Love Facebook Group. Doing so will help inspire others who have chosen to participate, may spark some new ideas and will be a reminder to the group to keep the challenge alive. Additionally, I would love it if you would share on your social media platforms to help encourage others to spread the love. Please tag Love Sum (@theLOVESUM) with #30ActsOfLove so that people can find out how to get involved.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to participate. I’m doing this to encourage more people to add more positivity and love to the world. The Acts of Love that you do will be up to you – so you can opt for acts that are entirely free if you’d like. (Ex. Give someone a hug vs. pay for someone’s meal.) Any other questions? Just ask!


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