Art Journaling


Explore some art journaling inspiration, prompts and some of my favorite materials + supplies!

Art Journaling Inspiration

Need more inspiration? Check out my Art Journal Pinterest board.

Art Journaling Prompts


  • Things that bring me joy
  • Things I’m grateful for
  • People who add love to my life
  • My favorite moments last year
  • Things to look forward to
  • Things to celebrate – big and small
  • My bucket list
  • My travel list


  • Explore a time I felt proud of myself.
  • Explore some advice from a future, wiser me.
  • Explore how I feel in the present moment.
  • Explore what you want to hold onto and what you’d like to let go of.


  • What a lovely day!
  • My favorite things.
  • One day I will…
  • My favorite quotes
  • Illustrate one of your favorite memories

Art-Specific Challenges + Prompts

  • Fill the page with doodles
  • Fill the page with a dream collage
  • Fill the page with new textures
  • Fill the page with various patterns
  • Use colors you’re not used to using
  • Use at least three different mediums

My Favorite Art Journaling Materials + Supplies

Clear Zipper Pouches:

I LOVE these pouches to carry all of my art supplies and journals. It’s convenient for organization, travel and I even use one as my traveling art studio.

Available here!

Posca Pens (Fine):

These pens are awesome over all the mediums in my art journal. I have the fine version of these and they are great for writing over fun backgrounds in my art journal. There is an extra fine version which I’d recommend for more detailed doodling and writing.

Available here!

Arteza Real Brush Pens:

I got these water color pens as a gift from my brother and they’re a lot of fun to use. It was a little unusual getting used to the real brush tip, but after some practice I really started to love the effects from these.

Available here!

Watercolor Brush Pens:

These brush pens are the perfect traveling brush. The pens hold water that is slowly released when you squeeze the pen. These are perfect to use with your watercolors on the go.

Available here!

Mod Podge:

I use Mod Podge all the time. I use it in my collages and as a top coat over paint and other mediums. I’ve also used it as a sealant on my hand-painted earrings. You can find this in glossy, matte and other finishes.

Available here!

Envelope, Bow and Box Maker:

This is the tool I use to create handmade envelopes out of old maps, magazines, scrapbook paper and more. Plus, this tool also allows you to create your own paper bows and boxes!

Available here!

Artist’s Loft™ Fundamentals™ Watercolor Pan Set:

This affordable ($5) watercolor set has ALL. THE. COLORS. It’s perfect for making fun backgrounds in your art journal.

Available here!

Binder Clips (Large):

These might be an unusual thing to include in my list of materials, but I use these binder clips to clip open my art journal pages that I’m working on. It’s especially helpful when I’m working with wet materials that need a little time to dry.

Available here!

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