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My story:

I was a great teacher. Someone who went above and beyond to be creative and innovative. I made it my mission to connect with my students and make sure they felt important and valued in our classroom community. The needs of my students always came first. I was a great teacher until I reached burnout and could no longer serve my students from a place of abundance and love. My efforts became forced and tense and no longer benefited me or my students. I had reached my limit and had to walk away for my own health and wellbeing.

After reflecting on my experience, I realized that I could have continued to be a great teacher had I had the support I needed. I needed to feel empowered to make decisions that were not only good for my students, but also for me. I needed a community of people where I could find authentic connection and could not only vent about the difficulties but could also constructively reflect and feel re-inspired to continue on. I needed to experience fulfillment not only in my work, but in my life as a whole.

Since leaving teaching, it has been my mission to create the support for other teachers that I never had – reminders to take care of myself, inspiration to help me shift my perspective, a community of people who supported my wellbeing and permission to be kind and loving to myself. So, I created Love Sum.

Love Sum empowers individuals to make positive shifts in the everyday, cultivates a community of support, and creates opportunities to feel fulfilled, recharged and inspired.

Love Sum is for teachers, educators, and anyone else with a great capacity to love and serve others. Love Sum is a source of empowerment, community and fulfillment.

We believe when you show yourself love and compassion, everybody wins.


The world needs more love!


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